The world leading Artificial Intelligence (AI) accessibility operating system

When building a website, web app, mobile app, or, really, anything digital, most people and businesses want anyone to be able to benefit from their creations, including people with disabilities or who are at a disadvantage when accessing the site or app.  A common example is visually impaired people trying to use an app on a cell-phone – not easy at best.  Moreover, many governments and public bodies have enacted regulations requiring contractors to develop government related mobile and web assets to be usable by all.  Enter Accessibility, the field of technology that dwells on making sites and apps accessible to all.  With the immense importance of accessibility, we, at MobilityPro, have made it a top goal to help our clients implement accessibility solutions, led by the quickly installed solutions of our sister company, Allyable, designed to meet international standards out of the box.

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