Every inch, bit or chip of any mobility solution should be viewed from a security perspective, and every new use of mobile in corporate frameworks generates new risks and threats.

Case in point:  Bring Your Own Device or BYOD, where employees make use of their personal mobile devices to help achieve work related goals, is no longer a growing phenomenon, but a fact of business.  BYOD offers countless opportunities to improve efficiency, increase productivity and reduce costs, but also adds whole other dimensions of risk, some of which pose a very real threat to commercial continuity.  For instance, businesses must be able to enforce risk management policies on personal devices connecting to their networks, else they expose themselves to all sorts of malicious attacks.

MobilityPro is adept at combining the best tools, such as Sysorex’s AirPatrol family of products , with expert services, to allow enterprises to offer secure access to their network, computing and data assets.  We offer complete, standalone security solutions or integrated systems that include:

  • Mobile Device Detection – gain unparalleled visibility into your network to identify who is connected, with what device, and what security threats they present.
  • Security Policy Enforcement – make sure your security policies are enforced across all devices that have access to your network and systems.

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